Continued Education

Each podiatrist is required to complete 150 hours of continuing podiatric medical education in activities approved by the Michigan State Board of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

Pain Management Requirement: As of December 2017, at least 3 of the continuing podiatric medical education hours must be completed in pain and sympton management and/or controlled substance prescribing in each renewal period.

Medical Ethics: Effective September 2020, each podiatrist must earn at least 1 continuing podiatric medical education hour in medical ethics.

Human Trafficking Identification and Training Standard: An applicant for licensure or renewal must have completed a one-time training for identifying the victims of human trafficking beginning with the 2017 renewal cycle and for initial licensure beginning January 6, 2022.  This is separate from the continuing podiatric medical education requirements.

CLICK HERE to visit the Michigan Bureau of Health Professional Licensing to review the descriptions of each category of continuing podiatric medical education activities considered acceptable by the Michigan State Board of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery; the number of allowable hours that may be earned in each category within the 3-year licensing period immediately preceding an application for renewal; and examples of acceptable documentation.

Additional Requirements

State rules advise a foreign-trained applicant that he/she must demonstrate a working knowledge of the English language to be licensed pursuant to MCL 333.16174(1)(d).

State rules clarify the examination components that an applicant must pass to be licensed depending upon his/her graduation date.  The rules also provide that an applicant must complete a board approved preceptorship or residency program to be licensed.  Preceptorships will no longer be accepted after January 31, 2020.

The requirements for licensure by endorsement, educational limited licenses, and relicensure have been updated to include the examination components that the applicant must pass.  An applicant for licensure by endorsement must pass the podiatric jurisprudence exam and be actively engaged in the practice of podiatric medicine.  The rules clarify that an educational limited license is not renewable for more than 5 years.  An applicant for relicensure must establish that he/she is of good moral character, complete required continuing education, pass the jurisprudence exam, and, if his/her license has been lapsed for more than 3 years, provide fingerprints.  If the applicant for relicensure if not actively licensed in another state, he/she must pass Part III of the national exam.

Teleheath rules have been added.

CLICK HERE to view the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Rule Set.

Applying/Re-applying for Licensure

The Bureau of Health Licensing is no longer accepting paper applications.  Instead, use this website:

You can apply online at .  If you are have problems completing the application process, contact the Bureau of Health Licensing at 517-241-0199 for assistance and they will help walk you through the process.

When you start, you will need to create an account. If you are re-applying for licensure, you will also need your license number.

If you are re-applying for licensure, you will want to choose to "Renew your license" and follow these instructions:

  • You must use a desktop or laptop computer to complete the registration and renewal process.
  • Login to MiPLUS.
  • Click on the “Licenses” tab.
  • Find your License Number under the “Record Number” column. Click on the “Renew License” link located under the “Action” column.

You will need your license number when searching. If you are unable to find or link to your old license, then the best route is to call the Bureau of Health Licensing and have their staff help you to link it to your account.

Lastly, when re-applying for licensure, you will need to have your CE Credits all completed to renew.


How many continuing education hours are required in Michigan?

Michigan podiatrists are required to earn 150 hours of continuing education within the 3 years immediately preceding the application for renewal. At least 3 of these hours must be in pain and symptom management, at least 1 hour in medical ethics, and at least 2 hours in controlled substances prescribing.  

What are the licensing requirements in Michigan? 

  • Criminal background check
  • Good moral character questions 

  • Controlled Substances - If you are prescribing, dispensing, manufacturing, or distributing controlled substances, you must apply for both a podiatric medicine and surgery license and a controlled substance license. 
  • Controlled Substances Awareness - Effective September 1, 2019, an individual seeking a controlled substance license or who is licensed to prescribe or dispense controlled substances must have completed a one-time training in opioids and controlled substances awareness  

  • Human Trafficking Training – Beginning January 6, 2022, completion of a one-time training to identify victims of human trafficking 

  • Implicit Bias Training– Beginning June 1, 2022, completion of 2 hours of implicit bias training within the 5 years immediately preceding issuance of the license or registration is required.  

Does my training on Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking count towards my CE hours?

No, it does not.  The human trafficking training is a one-time training and is not part of the continuing education requirement. 

Where can I find training to satisfy the Implicit Bias Training requirement?

If you are interested in implicit bias training for yourself, your practice or others, the MPMA recommends you consider one of the following options: 

1. Michigan Health Council: Contact Kristen at 517.347.3332. Estimated cost is $50.00 per physician. Each training will include an overview on how to recognize implicit bias, an in-depth discussion, and exercises on the following six topics: Race, Sex/Gender, Socioeconomic Status, Mental Health, Body Habitus, Neurodiversity. Michigan participants will earn a certificate of completion to meet the requirements for (re)licensure in the state of Michigan R 338.7001.

2. Cultural Intelligence Center. Contact Ellen at 616.855.1737. Cost is $95.00 less 15% based on volume 

Do I need to submit proof of my continuing education (CE) hours and courses completed?

You are required to maintain your own records and keep documentation on hand for a minimum of 4 years from the date of applying for license renewal. You are not required to submit CE information when you renew your license. The state of Michigan conducts random audits on podiatrists, and a percentage of all licensees who renewed will be randomly selected and notified by mail that they must submit evidence of having earned the required CE. If you are selected for the audit, then you will be required to submit copies of the CE certificates you earned. (Retain your originals)

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