Medical Assistants

In an effort to recognize podiatric medical assistants as an important function in the podiatric profession, MPMA is pleased to offer medical assistants of MPMA members special membership to MPMA. Under this new program, medical assistants will receive all publications and mailings that MPMA members receive that include coding information, professional management articles, and Medicaid/Medicare updates.

As part of this membership, medical assistant will receive their own copy of the Podiatric Profiles, MPMA's quarterly publication, be added to the MiFootnotes email list, MPMA's digital newsletter, as well as the opportunity to attend MPMA Assistants Programs at the MPMA Medical Assistant rate.

For more details, please click HERE!

MPMA would like to increase assistants involvement in the MPMA. Currently we are looking for assistants who would like to become involved on several committees they include:

  1. Ideas and suggestions for seminar speakers
  2. Website updates and development
  3. Billing resources- if you find something is working well you would report it to this person to have the website person post it.
  4. Article writers- some suggestions would be how to build an effective team, What every employee wants from their boss, How to handle a rude patient, etc. If you like to write, here's your chance
  5. Upcoming events or rulings - example ICD-10 updates, medicare meetings, latest final ruling that effects our physicians etc.

If you can help with any of these areas please email Dr. Sengstock or Paula Hollister

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