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MPMA Great Lakes Conference
January 25-29, 2017

The Henry | Dearborn
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Macomb/Oakland Division Officers

President Michael Gerber, DPM     Email Dr. Gerber
Secretary/Treasurer James Westbury, DPM  
MPMA Board Representative Marc Weiner, DPM Email Dr. Weiner


Northeast Division Officers

President Donald Lutz, DPM Email Dr. Lutz
Vice President Michael Holland, DPM Email Dr. Holland
Secretary Scott Byron, DPM Email Dr. Byron
Treasurer Thomas Abraham, DPM Email Dr. Abraham
MPMA Board Representative James Hirt, DPM Email Dr. Hirt
Alternate Board Representative Scott Byron, DPM Email Dr. Byron



Southeast Division Officers

President Joseph Silver, DPM Email Dr. Silver
Vice President Ahmad Farah, DPM Email Dr. Farah
Secretary Joshua Faley, DPM Email Dr. Faley
Treasurer Zeeshan Husain, DPM Email Dr. Husain
Past President Crystal Holmes, DPM Email Dr. Holmes
Sergeant at Arms  Randy Kaplan, DPM Email Dr. Kaplan
SE Board Representative Ronald Adelman, DPM Email Dr. Adelman
SE Board Representative Brandon West, DPM Email Dr. West
MPMA Board Representative Randy Kaplan, DPM Email Dr. Kaplan
MPMA Board Representative Zeeshan Husain, DPM Email Dr. Husain
MPMA Board Representative Vacant  



Southern Division Officers

President Clark Johnson, DPM Email Dr. Johnson
Secretary/Treasurer Geoffrey Clapp, DPM Email Dr. Clapp
MPMA Board Representative C. William Wentworth, DPM Email Dr. Wentworth


Western Division Officers

President Brian Buchanan, DPM Email Dr. Buchanan
Secretary/Treasurer Marisha Stawiski, DPM Email Dr. Stawiski
MPMA Board Representative Marisha Stawiski, DPM Email Dr. Stawiski


Upper Peninsula Division Officers

President Daniel Reminga, DPM Email Dr. Reminga
Secretary/Treasurer Donald Heilala, DPM Email Dr. Heilala
MPMA Board Representative Vacant  


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